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The Current

A look back on July's finer logging sessions here in Rhode Island Music: "Malkaus" by The Dandelion "In the Shadow of Light" by The Dandelion "So What Do You Think of Space?" by The Dandelion Surfers: Jon Baylor, TJ Thran, Lily Gartner, Maddy...


This short video is made 100% in Sardinia Island. Many people don't even believe that Italy can generate powerful waves with great conditions. I'm the current National Champ, I travel the world for comps and surf trips and I usually surf pretty good conditions around...

Jack O’neill World Memorial Paddle Out

The movie tells memories about Jack from O'Neill teamriders Jordy Smith and Kevin Langeree, surfing legends and former O'Neill teamriders Shaun Tomson & Tom Carroll, O'Neill Sea Odyssey's Dan Haifley and other people that Jack inspired along the way.

June ’17

A look back on June's finer logging sessions here in Rhode Island Music: "Super Giant Continues" by The Uplifting Bell Ends "Chlordiazepoxide" by the Uplifting Bell Ends "The Devil's Incarnation" by the Uplifting Bell Ends Surfers: Andrew Nota, Pat Bedsole, Matt Nota,...


Enigma, the work of film-maker Hayden Griffith and Sam Connelly. Showing ‘waters journey’ as the journey of 16 year old surfer Darcy De Clouett. Symbolic in its own portrayal to exemplify Darcy’s desire to seek something that is unique but more importantly that is...

This is Dan

Daniel Costa, also known as Dan, is a Portuguese shaper, but very international. Founder of the brand Retro Movement, he's known for the quality of his work all around the World. His boards are inspired by the classic style of longboards and single fins and are very...

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