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In this age of instagram, dubsmash and facebook some people would say that the surf movies are a dying art. Here at Daily Surf Videos we like to think that this is not the case. Sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting on the couch with your mates, (insert your drink of choice) in hand and soaking up the clean lines or lofty air airs drawn by the world’s best surfers.

To help you on those evenings we’ve started to collate all of the best free surf movies we could find from across the internet and put them together on this page for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re wondering what our top 6 surf movies are:

View from a Blue Moon

John John Florence’s seminal masterpiece is a movie for surfers and non surfers alike. The visuals are stunning, the soundtrack is ace with a mix of Bowie, Kishi Bashi, Jack Johnson and more. This is the first surf movie in a long while where you’ll hear none surfers wanting another look.

The Modern Collective:

This Kai Neville production was refreshing when it was released. After years and years of from the beach footage being collided with the latest Cali punk music, the first of Kai Neville’s surf movies showed that you could take a different approach to the genre and the soundtrack was damn good to.

Young Guns 2

Quiksilver’s free surf movie was mostly epic because it was (A) free and (B) had Dane, Julian, Jeremy and Slater. Quiksilver went on to do 3 other surf movies in the Young Guns trilogy.

Endless Summer

The original classic surf movie – it had to be on here somewhere. If you want to see how far surfing has come or if it has lost it’s soul, go back and take a look at Bruce Brown’s timeless classic. Endless Summer was one of many Bruce Brown surf movies, checkout Endless Summer 2 and Slippery When Wet.

Stranger Than Fiction

We liked the soundtrack and the surfing, in fact even though the surfing has dated a bit it’s still one of our go to pre surf movies.

Scratching the Surface

Scorching visuals and a great soundtrack Julian Wilson held of from joining the tour to put this gem together. One of the first surf movies that Redbull made.



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