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June ’17

A look back on June’s finer logging sessions here in Rhode Island Music: “Super Giant Continues” by The Uplifting Bell Ends “Chlordiazepoxide” by the Uplifting Bell Ends “The Devil’s Incarnation” by the Uplifting Bell Ends Surfers: Andrew Nota, Pat Bedsole, Matt Nota, Kyle Halavik, Jon Baylor, Chayne Cousens, Matthew Krupa, TJ Thran, Craig Gogan Film: TJ Thran, Andrew Nota, Kyle Halavik, Tom Norberto Edit: TJ Thran...

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Enigma, the work of film-maker Hayden Griffith and Sam Connelly. Showing ‘waters journey’ as the journey of 16 year old surfer Darcy De Clouett. Symbolic in its own portrayal to exemplify Darcy’s desire to seek something that is unique but more importantly that is true to him, via forging his own way on a path less...

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This is Dan

Daniel Costa, also known as Dan, is a Portuguese shaper, but very international. Founder of the brand Retro Movement, he’s known for the quality of his work all around the World. His boards are inspired by the classic style of longboards and single fins and are very much appreciated in Japan, Spain and even California. His talent didn’t go to his head and Dan Costa is an honest simple and humble person that cares mostly about doing things in the right way. He’s a single father, a challenge he faces and overcomes on a daily basis. His attention divides...

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